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Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 6T7

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Their Breath in Beads

After years of quietly holding their breath, Anishnabeg have exhaled an expansive creative force which has raged, whistled, and glided into the bodies of 10 contemporary artists. They have become the record keepers|mark makers of our time. Their work represents a microcosm of the diversity of what is happening in the beading scene of our nations. These artists show how beading has changed (or not) and what stories are being told (or retold). Each piece has its own story of social change, preservation and identity. – Jean Marshall, guest curator



Caitlyn Bird

Dawn Driver

Doug Turner

Helen Pelletier

Cher Chapman

Reena Larabee

Mary Magiskan

Sheila Demerah

Melissa Twance

Justine Gustafson


guest curated by

Jean Marshall