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2024-04-22 How to Write a Poem-webbanner

how to write a poem: rhyme, rhythm, and repetition in the permanent collection

Jun 14 to Sep 15, 2024

Summer Party Opening Reception: Saturday June 22, 2024

“how to write a poem” is an exhibition about finding poetry within artworks from our Permanent Collection. The work of Ahmoo Angeconeb, Benjamin Chee Chee, Jane Ash Poitras, Robert Houle, and Michael Belmore, among others, is brought together to explore the questions: how does one artwork “rhyme” with another? In what way does an exhibition demonstrate rhythm or beat? What compels an artist (or poet) to examine themes, images, or mediums over and over? This exhibition examines artwork through the lens of poetry, treating these works as if they were poems brought together in an anthology providing a new entry point to thinking about the artists’ intention and the stories they each seek to tell.

Featured Artists:

  • Ahmoo Angeconeb
  • Patricia Angeconeb
  • Jane Ash Poitras
  • Carl Beam
  • Michael Belmore
  • Cathi Charles Wherry
  • Benjamin Chee Chee
  • Josette Debassige
  • Robert Houle
  • Rose Landry
  • Jim Logan
  • Mary Ann McPhie
  • Pierre Sioui
  • Jolene Rickard
  • Susan Ross
  • Roy Thomas
  • Helen Wassegijig

Image 1: Benjamin Chee Chee, Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 1973

Image 2: Pierre Sioui, Genocide II, ink, metal, wood, 1986

Image 3: Josette Debassige, Circular Flower Natural Quill Box, birch bark, porcupine quill, sweet grass, thread, c1980

Image 4: Helen Wassegijig, Upper World, ink, paper, 1988

Image 5: Jim Logan, The Diner’s Club: No Reservations Required, acrylic, canvas, 1992

Image 6: Patricia Angeconeb, Floral #1, coloured pencil, paper, 1991