1080 Keewatin St,
Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 6T7





An Outdoor Banner Series

out there is a series of banners on the exterior of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

Take a drive by the gallery at 1080 Keewatin St and experience images, stories, and moments by new creative voices in northern Ontario.

Each banner is a bold canvas for artists, designers, and makers who experiment with new media, take new paths in artistic careers and claim space beyond traditional art gallery walls.

Be out there.

boy Roland, Wild Berries

digital image, 8 x 16 ft, 2022


About the work

“I’m drawn to birds, they’re so delicate and dynamic. Perched on a branch, twisting, and spiraling midflight or talons clutched skyward in death. Who hasn’t had the fleeting thought of flying off into the unknown?”

– boy Roland

Artist BIO

Raised on the banks of Lake Superior, boy Roland’s art can be seen on the walls of Port Arthur and in the pages of the monthly arts and culture magazine The Walleye. Under the influence of pop culture, contemporary art, comics and tattoos, boy Roland officially joined the tattoo industry in 2017 and co-founded Finders Keepers Tattoo in 2021. boy Roland has presented in work in group in solo exhibition’s including “Don’t Forget to Die” (2022) and “Give & Take” (2023) at Co. Lab Gallery.