1080 Keewatin St,
Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 6T7





An Outdoor Banner Series

out there is a series of banners on the exterior of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

Take a drive by the gallery at 1080 Keewatin St and experience images, stories, and moments by new creative voices in northern Ontario.

Each banner is a bold canvas for artists, designers, and makers who experiment with new media, take new paths in artistic careers and claim space beyond traditional art gallery walls.

Be out there.

Doe, Corinna McKay

Digital media, 8 x 16 ft, 2022

About the Work

“Combining photography and digital illustration, Doe is a work that represents the ethereal presence of wildlife in Thunder Bay,” says Corinna.

“Oftentimes when we commute from place to place, we catch glimpses of these beings between the trees, hidden in the bush behind your work, the coffee shop you love, or even just outside the park you walk. You could miss them if you blink.”
For staff and regular visitors to the Gallery, Corinna’s work also is a playful portrait of the deer that live and forage in the woodland surrounding the gallery, especially during the fall and winter months of the year.

Artist BIO

Corrina McKay (she/her) is an Anishinabe multimedia artist based in Thunder Bay, ON. She has lived in her home of northwestern Ontario for her entire life. Corrina’s work focuses on decolonization and Indigenous joy, and she is a coordinator of the Indigenous Youth Residency Program, a land-based artist residency for native youth to explore relationships to self, homeland, ancestors, and community.

Corrina’s pieces combine her movement through time and emotions in a mixture of traditional and digital media. She views her practice as a collaboration with other artists, technology, and the natural world.