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An Outdoor Banner Series

out there is a series of banners on the exterior of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

This project is a platform for new images, stories, and moments by new creative voices. Each banner is a bold canvas for artists, designers, and makers who experiment with new media, take new paths in artistic careers and claim space beyond traditional art gallery walls.

Be out there.

Bobby “Dues” Wilson, Panic at the Powwow

digital media, 2024


About the work

“This is a portrait of activist and actor Dallas Goldtooth over skewed movement stripes. The incorporation of these stripes is rooted in historic Dakota imagery, showing up in a lot of bead and quillwork. As a kid I used to wonder what the deal was with that, but during my second hanblecha I was shown that the stripes are a depiction of the movement that exists in everything around us, even when stationary! (At least I think that’s what that was). To me, the look on his face is a panicked uncertainty in a world that’s skewed.”

Bobby “Dues” Wilson  @bobbydues

Artist BIO

Bobby “Dues” Wilson is a Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota actor, writer, poet, visual artist, and comedian. Wilson is known as one of the founding members of Indian Sketch Comedy group The 1491s.

His work is heavily influenced by his Dakota heritage with his city upbringing, and ties in commentary on colonization, racism, modern imagery of Native American peoples, homelessness, and many more issues faced by indigenous peoples today.