1080 Keewatin St,
Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 6T7

The Annual Garden Tour is a tradition in Thunder Bay, and your chance to tour a selection of stunning gardens.

This year the Garden Tour will feature 7 gardens throughout the city, each boasting their own unique features and elements. Each garden will have a Master Gardener on-site to answer any questions you may have about your own gardens. There will also be visual artists and musicians in some of the gardens.

This event is a self-guided tour, and a great way to spend the day with your friends. There are 6 private gardens and 1 public garden available for viewing, where you can come out and see what can be done in different styles of gardens both large and small.


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Tickets also available for purchase at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Landale Gardens, and Vaillant Florist

Participating Gardens

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Large scale landscapes are the primary focus of this ambitious country garden. Architectural materials such as stones, rocks and boulders are used in building the structural elements of the garden, giving it an exceptionally natural elegance. Restful gazebos, vine covered trellises, water features and bridges are an integral part of the landscape. Beds of hardy roses, collections of plants for xeriscaping are among the many plantings within the yard. Peter’s greenhouse will be open to the public to view collections of succulents and tropicals.

Knudsen Garden

This property is a working urban farm. The space is unpretentious with loose, easy paths highlighted with quaint wooden structures representing personal family history bordered by beds of annuals and perennials. The farm is self-sustaining. Raised beds increase the harvest of traditional rows of vegetables. Bushes of raspberries, blueberries, hascap and currants are picked to enjoy and processed into jams and jellies. A working apiary promotes the pollination of native plants and cultured crops, and produces honey for sale.

Kuchta Garden

This small urban yard takes advantage of every square foot available. The side yard is planted with a vibrant array of annuals and perennials – classic hostas, bleeding hearts and Northern Lights azaleas. This property is part of a network of dedicated gardeners who belong to MonarchWatch. They provide milkweed to sustain Monarch Butterflies as they migrate. The rear yard has planting space, a greenhouse and sheltered area. A unique “catio” provides an outdoor space for their feline companions and safety for the birds that visit the garden.

Luc Garden

This modest-sized garden is an interesting example of all-season food production in a northern urban yard. All grown from seed in an all-season greenhouse, this organic garden utilizes minimal space and energy for maximum production of edibles and ornamentals that sit side by side in garden beds. Pam utilizes several horticultural methods such as square foot gardening and raised beds to make the most of a small space. A relaxing area is surrounded by flowering annuals to attract pollinators.

Tallon Garden

A most inviting property, the curved lines and calming colours draw the visitor in. The rear yard is a peaceful oasis featuring shaded sitting areas and the tranquility of a tiny pond. Perennials abound, accented by vibrant annuals. Unique use of broken pottery provides colour and interest in many places. The garden is a keenly personal space. A mailbox is repurposed as a planter - its origin? A family member’s home in sunny Florida. A tiny vegetable garden is secreted away in a sunny protected area behind the greenhouse. Come, relax and enjoy.

Ward Garden

Sweeping curved beds overflowing with mass plantings of old fashioned annuals and perennials greets a visitor to both front and rear yards. The restrained and classic garden design holds large collections of lilies, irises and hostas. Several sitting areas are strategically situated under mature shade trees. A flagstone path lined with burgundy ajuga leads to a charming shed dressed with waves of fuchsia. Container arrangements throughout the garden are a feast for the eyes and the many pollinators attracted to the vibrant colours.

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