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As we adjust to the social changes created by COVID-19. The Thunder Bay Art Gallery’s Public Programming Coordinator, Betty Carpick, introduced the Be Kind Project, a small way to stay engaged by bringing art and artfulness to people of all ages and abilities wherever they are.

To encourage health and safety at home, the project uses online spaces to share:

  • Project Ideas using Easy to Find Materials
  • Mood Boosters
  • Inspirations
  • Art in the Community

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APRIL 7 2020

Do you see yourself in any of these emotions? Making art can help keep you resilient and focused during times of uncertainty.

Be Kind Project:
Choose one or more emotions. Using art and craft materials available to you, create something to reflect your feelings.


MARCH 25 2020

Have some fun! Eggs are a way to involve a sensory component to an all ages art project. After cooking or baking, save the egg shells. Wash thoroughly and let dry. Paint or colour with what you have on hand. #bekindproject

MARCH 20 2020

When you get outside for fresh air and exercise, look for bird’s nests and admire the construction, diversity, and placement. Beauty is all around. #bekindproject

MARCH 19 2020

Enjoy the fun and meditative process of making. Around the world, scrolls are an ancient way of documenting. The birch bark scrolls used by the Ojibway Midewiwin or Grand Medicine Society pass on knowledge between generations.

Be Kind project #1

  • Make a handmade scroll for yourself, your family, and/or your friends.
  • Use your imagination with easy to find materials.
  • Cut fabric or paper to approximately 4 inches wide by 2 feet long. For the rods, use two pieces or dowel or pencils.
  • Innovate! There aren’t any rules.
  • Decorate using watercolours, inks, pencil crayons, etc
  • Decide what you want to write, draw, mark, or incorporate!

Share your scroll with the hashtag, #bekindproject