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Drift Series sculpture of kayak by Sarh Link
All works of art will be on display at Thunder Bay Art Gallery

OCT 13 – NOV 8

Bidding opens NOV 2

Artists from across Thunder Bay and Northern Ontario have generously donated their original artworks to showcase in this one-of-a-kind online fundraiser.

You can view and bid on 34 excellent works of art in a variety of designs and styles that will be a stunning addition to any home or office.

We cannot thank each of these outstanding artists enough for their support.

The Thunder Bay Art Gallery strives to continue to offer unique exhibitions and educational programs as we ensure no person goes without access to the arts in our northern community.





Auction Items



Created using a casting method called Pate de Verre, this original glass sculpture features a life-sized racoon in a state of decay. Coon1 was featured at the International Glass Biennale in Sofia, Bulgaria, along with Coon2. Together they create Canada the Coons.

Gayle Buzzi utilizes glass powders and sands to create delicate sculptures that appear to be deteriorating “like the snowbanks in spring.” Growing up in Northern Ontario, Buzzi was exposed to many aspects of nature and she now finds her inspiration from the natural world around her. Her current sculptures position delicate glass animals within human-made settings, emphasizing the ways in which animals interact with the new urban ecosystem. Her works aim to initiate critical thoughts about contemporary society’s relationship with nature, while prompting an emotional response. In addition to her glass work, Buzzi currently designs and creates ceramics for Northern Heights Co.

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Abstract Poinsettia


At the beginning of this piece, Irene McCuaig started painting with a notan, ensuring the balance between dark and light areas before adding colour. This is the second poinsettia she has painted, aimed at creating a vibrant Christmas artwork.

McCuaig is a Kenora artist whose recent work is strongly influenced by the Japanese design concept, notan (the interplay of black and white). She begins her process by drawing her image with India ink on watercolour paper. She then adds colour to create mood rather than realism. Residing in Northwestern Ontario has given Irene insight into the sometimes-precarious balance between humanity and nature. She enjoys painting people interacting with the natural environment. When painting en plein air, Irene is constantly aware that she is the interloper.

Evening Rounds


This wolf is painted in oils, and is seen patrolling his territory at sun down, and is framed in a custom frame made by the artist. Stephen enjoys being an “artist of the wild.”

“The need for creative expression has always been on my Life’s Agenda; it fills a need to give something good back to the world rather than always taking. I always thought the process of putting paint to board is magical and this thought permeates my painting. I imagine being part of a community that began with cave painting and continues today…where the paints and brushes have remained the same over the centuries. It’s such a privilege to see the work through the eyes of an artist.” – Stephen J. Krasemann

Most recently, Stephen was showcased in Thunder Bay’s first ever Virtual Visual Arts Fair. Stephen is a member of the Sedona Arts Centre in Sedona, AZ, as well as the Grand Marais Art Colony in Grand Marais, MN. His work can be found on his website.

Running Before The Wind, “Spinnaker”


This incredible woven piece of artwork was created using sticks and pieces of driftwood found along the shores of Lake Superior. Breckenridge had found great inspiration in walking down by the Marina during the pandemic, and found herself fascinated by the sails on the boats out on the lake. She initially wanted to use colourful, silky fabric for the two vessels, but found it required something more firm to bring this piece together.

This work took eight full days to weave together. For thirty years, she has been collecting and relating with natural materials to form baskets of unusual configurations and uniquely expressive design.

Sharon Breckenridge is one of 27 artists commissioned to produce work for madaabii | s/he/they goes down to the shore, a large-scale multidisciplinary commissioning art project that draws inspiration from Gichigami (Lake Superior).

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#AllWarriorsHaveScars is one of seven works in the #BodyPositive JUGS Collection. It is a wheel thrown jug that has been altered, and depicts a feminine form that has survived many challenges. This piece is a work born from that time when Sheepway was exploring her own body positive image. It specifically connects her family history with cancer and grief, as well as the power of the survivor.

#AllWarriorsHaveScars was most recently shown in The North Now Juried Exhibition at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

Meg Sheepway is the creator of Dog Paw Pottery, and a member of the Thunder Bay Potter’s Guild. She consistently showcases her work at shows such as the Potter’s Guild Market, Craft Revival and the Bizarre Bazarre.

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Happy Days Are Here


This abstract, mixed media artwork consists of an image transfer featuring women in striped dresses, bold splashes of acrylic paint, and a clear resin finish.

Pippi Johnson is an abstract expressionist artist who lives and works in her island studio on Lake of the Woods. She taught art to young people in Kenora, ON for over thirty years. She is known for her bright and whimsical works.


A Beautiful Change of Perspective


This incredible photograph on canvas was taken from Porphyry Island on the east side Black Bay, Lake Superior while Nuttall was an artist-in-residence. The stunning Lake is the feature of this work, while the Sleeping Giant rests peacefully in the background.

Lois Nuttall is a photographer living and working in Thunder Bay. She explains that her photography began as a business, but evolved into “a rich, satisfying sharing of where ‘northerners’ play, who we are, and how blessed we are to live on Superior’s coast.”

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White Pine

This beautiful wool painting uses elegant varieties of wool to depict a lone white pine tree. The technique of needle felting and use of polished natural rocks has created a lovely dimensional texture, and brings to life this work of art.

The Maple Forest

This beautiful wool painting uses bright autumnal colours to depict a fall forest scene. The technique of needle felting has created a lovely dimensional texture, and brings to life this work of art.


Mathieson has enjoyed many mediums over the years, but she discovered needle felting in 2013. Using a variety of wools in various formats she “paints” using wool. Her original designs use 100% wool or wool blends with at least 60% natural fibre content. Mathieson is the owner and artist of Alsatian Manor Art Studio.

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Doreen’s Black-Eyed Susan’s


This beautiful photographic manipulation has been created using soft, gentle hues on a dark background. It features a grouping of Black-Eyed Susan’s from a friend’s garden. It has been transferred onto a canvas and framed.

Kathy explores the magic of floral images. Mostly she finds her subjects in local gardens, along roadsides and on trails in our region and Northern Minnesota.

Boreal Forest Bowl


Part of her Boreal Forest series, this large bowl by Trudy Jamieson is a perfect centrepiece for any room. Varying hues of blues and browns create a wonderfully neutral palette for any taste.

Trudy is a former Thunder Bay potter who has been creating beautiful stoneware pieces for many years. She enjoys travelling but comes home to participate in pottery shows and sales such as the Potter’s Guild Holiday Market. Trudy’s work can be found locally at Fireweed.

Indigo River


This dramatic artwork was created using acrylics, and canvas layered over canvas. Great, sweeping stokes give this work an incredible sense of texture and movement.

As an established and prolific multidisciplinary artist with works in public and private collections, Damon fuses paint, photography, stained glass and other glasswork, drawing, sculpture, graphic arts and music. He is the Thunder Bay Art Gallery’s Installation Officer, and a mandolin player who performs regularly around town as part of the Damon Dowbak Trio. Dowbak contributed greatly to the community of Thunder Bay for more than 40 years through his storefront Kleewyck Stained Glass Studio.

Damon Dowbak is one of 27 artists commissioned to produce work for madaabii | s/he/they goes down to the shore, a large-scale multidisciplinary commissioning art project that draws inspiration from Gichigami (Lake Superior).

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Forget Me Not Tea Tray


As part of this summer’s quarantine project, Dumont chose to explore indigenous medallions that one sees in regalia. The flowers and vines seen in this tea tray were hand-carved, and the customized forget-me-not design is reminiscent of a ribbon that flows through much of Dumont’s work. The tray can either be hung or used as a functional art piece.

Michel Dumont is a Métis artist, and an active member of the LGTBQ2 community. He has a bright passion for creating wearable art and mosaics, and has been featured at many exhibitions across Canada. He was recently featured in The North Now Juried Exhibition at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

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Good Luck Charm


Good Luck Charm is all about celebrating lush greens of the interior of a forest. This stunning oil painting focuses on a beautiful forest scene, with a coursing river running through the greenery.

Stephanie is a local artist known for her impressionist-inspired oil paintings. She credits seasonal travels to familiar places like Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Cedar Falls, and Minnesota’s Gunflint Trail as her source of visual reference.

Gaps in Access


Part of a photo series that documents wearable artwork that speaks to gaps in access for marginalized women in Northern Ontario. Gaps in Access was recently shown in The North Now Juried Exhibition at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

Babara Benwell is an artist, educator, and mother from Thunder Bay which is situated on the traditional lands of Fort William First Nation, Signatory to the Robinson Superior Treaty.

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Dual (Full Circle)


This work is a charcoal drawing of mirrored rabbits. It is part of Burk’s Dual Series which is made up of large-scale drawings of mirrored northern animals. The series playfully contemplates ideas surrounding symbiotic relationships and cohabitation, but these drawings were also motivated by ideas around cellular division, conception and the animal nature of our biology.

Amanda Burk is a drawing artist based in North Bay, ON. She received her MFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2003 and her Honours BA Fine Arts Specialization from the University of Waterloo in 2001. She is an Associate Professor at Nipissing University and teaches in Fine Arts. Burk’s work is represented in the Thunder Bay Art Gallery’s Permanent Collection and was most recently shown in the exhibition Waabooz/Rabbit.

One Way Fish


One Way Fish is about a school of fish that protect each other and sometimes collectively and mistakenly plunge into the depths of trouble. The idea of herds and passing the red line! It is a mixed media artwork created using acrylics and clay on a customized, angular canvas.

Sam Shahsahabi was born in Iran. He obtained his BFA from Azad University in Tehran in public painting. In the mid-1990s, Sam’s satirical cartoons were exhibited in the prestigious international caricature exhibitions such as Nasredin Hodja and Yumiyury Shimbun. He also worked as a freelance graphic designer and cartoonist for numerous Iranian Magazines. After completing an MFA at York University (Toronto) in 2002, he moved to Elliot Lake, Ontario to teach at White Mountain Academy Of The Arts. Sam is currently an associate professor at Lakehead University where he has taught painting and creative drawing since 2009. Shahsahabi also specializes in public art, interactive assemblage, kinetic and upcycled mechanical installation.

Sam is one of 27 artists commissioned to produce work for madaabii | s/he/they goes down to the shore, a large-scale multidisciplinary commissioning art project that draws inspiration from Gichigami (Lake Superior).

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Cove Study at Pukaskwa


This stunning watercolour painting is a study conducted at a quiet cove in Pukaskwa National Park on the shores of Lake Superior earlier this year. The northern rock faces and idyllic driftwood showcase the delights of the Canadian National parks.

Brian Holden is a local printmaker and arts educator. His detailed and atmospheric prints reflect the time Brian spends in the wilds of our region. Many love his detailed, hand-coloured prints.

Summer Shimmer


This striking digital photo manipulation was taken by Monteith Road in Neebing Township south of Thunder Bay. The bright flowers in the foreground contrast nicely to the natural countryside setting.

Alastair MacKay is a local photographer, focusing on urban detail and urban landscapes. This particular photograph is a digital manipulation taken during one of his many explorations around Thunder Bay. Alastair’s work is available to view on Instagram, Saatchiart.com, and FineArtAmerica.com.

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Ancient Poetics


This artwork is from Culls’ series The Fugues. In music, a fugue is a composition based on the enhancement of one part through its interweaving with other parts that take up the original. This series of multi-media and layered works develops various aspects of a single idea within an interwoven and complex composition. Ancient Poetics was recently shown in The North Now Juried Exhibition at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.

Bruce Cull addresses expressive interactions in regards to the people and environment of Northeastern Ontario. He believes it is vital to communicate not only the beauty of this place, but also to address the challenges we face. His art practice incorporates the use of an idiosyncratic visual language with human and environmental concerns, and the dialogue that is constructed.

Drift Series sculpture of kayak by Sarh Link
Drift Series


Link’s boat with the pod in the auction was part of an installation on 20 boats set on a bed of slip referencing the impact of encroaching technology on the Boreal forest. This work was shown in Ottawa, Stratford, and Thunder Bay. A video was made of the installation with Riaz Mehmood’s projection mapping and shown in Canada and Croatia.

Sarah Link has been working with clay for fifty years. Her ceramic installations are concerned with the conservation, protection, and preservation of the environment and its inhabitants. Link has received many awards and grants from the Ontario Arts Council, and awarded Artist Residencies in Canada, the USA and Japan. Sarah was inducted into The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 2005.

Smiling Angel

Katy Poirier

This original candle flame drawing was inspired by a drawing of an angel from Poirier’s childhood, circa 2005, that was found in her photo album. Underneath the artwork is the original drawing, so the two angels are bound together for eternity.

Katy Poirier is an artist from Atikokan, ON. Recently graduated from Lakehead University’s HBFA Visual Arts program in April of 2020, her work has been exhibited at Urban Infill, the MANIFESTATION Juried Show, as well as the Lakehead University Honours Exhibition in March of this year. Poirier takes inspiration from Northwestern Ontario’s aesthetics and culture, as well as her personal history growing up in a rural community. She focuses on subjects of self reflection and memory in her drawing practice.

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Loves Me


Inspired by the game of pulling petals off flowers, “loves me, loves me not”

Cheryl is a glass artist living and working in Red Lake, ON. She expresses the inspiration she finds in the northern landscape through glass pieces that are, as Cheryl explains, “gossamer fine yet intrinsically strong.” Cheryl’s work was most recently featured in her solo exhibition 21 Pillows, which has been touring at galleries across Canada since 2019.

Cheryl Wilson-Smith is one of 27 artists commissioned to produce work for madaabii | s/he/they goes down to the shore, a large-scale multidisciplinary commissioning art project that draws inspiration from Gichigami (Lake Superior).

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Christian Chapman

This is a limited-edition screen print on paper, and is numbered 2/2. It is a great depiction of Chapman’s earlier work. It is framed, and measures 11.25 inches wide by 9.25 inches high.

Christian Chapman is an award-winning local artist from Fort William Fort Nation. His screen prints and paintings illustrate his experiences and his perspective on issues of concern to Indigenous people. In 2016, Christian received the Emerging Artist of the Year award from the Ontario Premier’s Awards for Excellence.

This piece was donated anonymously for the art auction.

Peace in the Valley

Chad Charles Kirvan

Peace In The Valley is a calming landscape photograph that contrasts natural colours of yellow and blue. The image uses the vastness of the Okanagan lake to provide its viewers with a feeling of freedom. This feeling is then complemented by the sharp plants in the foreground which give a sense of stable ground and security. The overwhelming stillness throughout the image intends to provide the viewers with feelings of tranquility and peace.

Chad Kirvan is a photographer, world traveller, and media artist. His work has been shown in exhibitions across Canada and the United States over the past several years, and his work was recently showcased in Thunder Bay Art Gallery’s The North Now Juried Exhibition.

The Mediterranean: The South of France


This is an original watercolour painted on location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Some of the highlights of Evelyn Konrad‘s career include a six-week showing at the John Audubon Museum in Kentucky and winning an award of excellence at the Manhattan Art Competition. One of her paintings was chosen as an award for a former premier. Konrad’s art can be seen throughout the city as well as in various galleries in Canada and the United States. She invites you to visit her gallery, Mystique of the North Gallery in Thunder Bay.

Untitled (Serving Bowl)

This stunning serving bowl has a beautiful oxidized glaze with various drip patterns and a unique spiral design on the inside. It measures 7.75 inches in diameter by 4.25 inches high, and is perfect to serve at any family gathering.

Untitled (Platter)

This beautiful stoneware platter has a lovely depiction of leaves painted on using a blue and brown glaze. It measures 12.25 inches in diameter, and perfect for serving a delicious centerpiece.


Alan Moon is a local potter specializing in stoneware and salt glaze ware. He was a long-time member of the Gallery’s Board of Directors and is a standing member of Thunder Bay Potters Guild. He is also one of the founding members of the Empty Bowls, Caring Hearts fundraiser.

Bad Moon Rising


Made with handmade inks of Tansy and Red Willow with sodium carbonate. The Tansy was gathered behind the Finnish Labour Temple and the Red Willow from the shores of the Kaministiquia River. The image and the title are a riff on the 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival song about apocalyptic climate conditions while the provenance of the plants are a reminder that ecosystems and community are interrelated.

Betty Carpick is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and environmentalist. Much of her work looks at social, cultural, and environmental issues in both serious and playful ways by creating art that exists in the space between process and performance as well as the missing portions between the real and the imagined. Betty’s practice has included ink making, textile arts, writing, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, film, performance, and installation. Many times, there’s not a distinct line between disciplines. She is currently guiding the Shorelines project with the Ocean Bridge to connect 170 youth across Canada by looking at water as a collective responsibility. Betty is Cree and Ukrainian from Northern Manitoba. She lives in Thunder Bay.

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Chariot Racer


This watercolour painting is of a chariot racer just coming out of a corner on the racetrack at the Murillo Fairgrounds, possibly the last one held there.

David Elchuk explored painting during retirement and he now paints with other artists at Northern Images Art Group. Dave and his wife Bev share a great love of travelling and this provides the opportunity to paint, sketch and take pictures for future projects.

MNR Tree Nursery


This print was taken from a tree stump at the Ministry of Natural Resources Tree Nursery earlier this year. The cross-section of the tree was planed and sanded for a completely smooth feel. The surface was then fired with a propane-torch to burn away any soft growth. The wood surface was then inked, and the final print taken directly from the surface.

Heather Cranston describes herself as an artist first and a designer second. It was during her time painting murals in Winnipeg that she developed a healthy interest in typography and the fundamentals of design, which ultimately led her to pursue her talents in that special place where art and commerce intersect – graphic design. After completing her schooling in Manitoba, she worked at one of the largest advertising agencies in Western Canada before returning home to Thunder Bay to work at a local design studio.

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Northern Bliss


This multi-disciplinary collaboration features ceramic covers with hand-drawn decals of intrinsically northern images. Campfires, canoeing, tents, bicycles, and more brings to mind beautiful Summers enjoying the bliss that is Northern Ontario.

Crystal Sohlman and Stephanie Paxton have been creating together for the past two years, bringing together the best of their respective crafts. Their work has both evolved over the course of their partnership, and with each other’s support, were both able to work outside of their comfort zones.

Sohlman and Paxton have recently completed fifteen collaborative works to create a unique installation, Bound to Clay, which is currently on display at Nameless Art Co.

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Day is Done


This original watercolour could be any lake in Northwestern Ontario, and features a boat tied to a dock at sunset. The colour variations make for a very striking work of art and pull you into the painting to experience your very own Northern sunset.

Farrow first became interested in oil painting at Banff School of Fine Arts. She has since concentrated on watercolour, and has taken lessons from several local artists, as well as other Canadian and International artists.
Farrow enjoys spending time with the many friends she has made in her travels. Besides her family, she enjoys music, reading, playing bridge, gardening, and spending time outdoors.



Big, bold brush strokes and vivid colours make up the composition of this larger work of art. Doyle’s chosen medium is oils.

Patrick Doyle is a painter based in Thunder Bay where he has been creating expressive and colourful works inspired by the northern landscape. Patrick’s work was shown in a solo exhibition at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery in 2010, and he is represented in the Gallery’s Permanent Collection, as well as other public and private collections.


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