Role of Digitization Project Manager

Understanding my role in this project begins with my job title – Digitization Project Manager. While digitization is our end goal, project management is how we will get there. Managing this particular project means that I will have to play many different roles over the course of the next year. I’ll be a detective, a copyright expert, an art handler, a photographer, and my skills in time and information management will be used to their fullest.

There are around 350 artists represented in our collection. We will be contacting them all (or their families) in order to request permission to use images of their works. But, before we contact them, we need to find them. I’ve become a detective, following up on leads, and using the slightest clue in order to locate artists who come from all over the country.

The variety of materials that make up the over 1600 works in our collection is vast. We are working with objects created out of paint, paper, canvas, leather, beading, rubber, cement, plastic, wood, metal, bone, ceramic, and more. And often pieces combine many of these materials together. Being trained in conservation, means that the care and preservation of all of the works in our collection is very important to me. As a team, we will assess the objects, their needs and vulnerabilities, and establish the best and safest route to get the images we need.

All my many roles means that each day is bringing something new and different. If you were to come down to the gallery you might find me wearing a deerstalker a la Sherlock Holmes, searching through vertical files, staring at a computer screen, or with a camera in hand. But whatever role I happen to be in that day, you can be sure that I’m collecting a lot of stories that I hope to share with you along the way.

– Meaghan Eley.

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