Summer Art Camps

Below is just a sample of the fun learning in our summer art camp last year. Stay tuned for information on our 2018 summer art camp program.

WELCOME to Summer 2017 Art Camps:

Each day includes one or two art projects, and time in the out of doors.  Each week the class will visit the Gallery. Our instructors make sure creative fun is central to every art camp. Drawing fun and games may also be part of the children’s day.

For Canada’s 150th, we feature Perspectives from Here – an exhibition of 150 artworks by artists from Ontario.  All camps will tour this exhibit.

Our Instructors:

Courtney Davis

Courtney is happy to be one of our summer art instructors this summer because this is right in line with her interests. She is going into her graduating year at Lakehead University for her Fine Arts degree and is enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program as well. Courtney has previous experience running summer day camps in Brampton ON. Her areas of expertise include working with clay.  This summer campers can also expect some drama (of the fun kind) with Courtney as she has background in acting and theatre.

Bronwyn Boden

Bronwyn is excited to be working as an instructor at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery. She enjoys children and art! She is a Lakehead University student in the fine art program majoring in painting and drawing, as well as working towards her Bachelor of Education to become a teacher.  Bronwyn has experience working with children in a camp setting where she has organized and run art and craft programs for several summers.  Bronwyn is on the equestrian team at LU (who knew!)  She loves horses so expect that wild horses will appear in a few of our art projects this summer.

Week 1
Canada 150 – AM and PM

Both morning and afternoon classes will start by exploring our major summer art exhibition as inspiration for creative projects. Perspectives from Here, is a Canada 150 project and showcases 150 works by Ontario artists. We expect the exhibit will provide campers with a wide variety of art to experience.  Art instructors will guide the campers through the works on display, the ideas and techniques they have seen will fuel their projects for the week.

Week 2
Clay Café – AM age 5 – 7 and PM age 8 – 11

This week the projects; a cup, a bowl, a plate – relate to function, but each will be decorated with individual flare. This clay camp will include a look at the world of a pottery and the making of functional wares.  Some projects will be fired in the kiln of a local potter. Campers will learn to look for signs of handmade and industrial made ceramic objects.  As in the past, we will include the popular hike to discover a local clay deposit.

Week 3
Wild Things – AM age 5 – 7

The morning class will be thinking about wild things… Drawings and paintings and collage projects will use wild animals as subject matter and they will look at the work of artists that use wild animals, wild plants and wild places as their subject matter.  Our instructors will choose wildlife artists to landscape artists to look at.  Campers will be looking for art in wild places.

ART on the WILD SIDE – PM age 8 – 11

Artists often ask the question ‘what would happen if I …. ?’  Participants will be given dual projects in drawing, painting, printmaking and collage; one traditional technique and the second will have an experimental element added.  For example, basic printmaking technique shown and then different ways of mixing ink.  Water colour technique taught and then salt, alcohol, wax, saran wrap and other possibilities will be presented.  Two small paintings will be completed and then the idea of multi media introduced and one of the paintings will have a multi media element added to it.  Instructors will be finding some fun examples of artists and art works that demonstrate the experimental spirit.

Week 4

In Stitches  FULL DAY camp age 8 – 10.

This popular camp focuses on the fibre arts.  Participants will go beyond the running stitch and will learn a repertoire of stitches including the French Knot, the satin and spoke stitch.  One project will have edging and the blanket stitch.  Choosing from a wonderful selection of colourful fabrics, they will design and sew their own stuffed animal.  A small pillow will be included, and campers will also embroider their own t-shirt. A simple beading or felting project will be included.

Week 5

Following Canada’s Art Map  FULL DAY camp age 8 – 10.

You will gain lots of skills in this camp, marking Canada’s 150th through art making. We will be taking a broad look at some art forms from across Canada and feature some artists from our permanent collection. Following Canada’s art map, we will start with Haida style on the West Coast, head north to the Arctic for great printmaking style, and south to the Prairies for some folk painting.  Then it’s off to northern Ontario for a look at beading examples, and the East Coast for some traditional basket making.  Campers love weaving their own basket.  They will learn about some traditional practices and see contemporary twists.  This is creative work inspired by local and national connections.

NOTE: mid august there is one week without art camps.  It is a planning week for the instructors.

Week 6

CLAY camps: Go Clay and Clay Animals  AM age 6 – 8 and PM age 9 – 12

Our instructors have background using clay to create sculpture and we expect this will be a successful week in clay!  The children will enjoy creating small animals, figures, pinch pots and a carved medallion. Hand building techniques will be a focus.  Some work will be fired in a kiln.   Some of the work will be fired in a kiln.  As always we like to show the participants where clay comes from and they will take their clay hike.

Week 7

Into the Wood  AM 5 – 8

Campers will be creating dioramas of imaginative places in small boxes and other containers; a home for a gnome, animal or a fairy or a ‘borrower’ (have you read the book).  Using fun fabrics, paper and all kinds of small props this camp will be fun for the child who loves to create small special places of their own design.  The box art of Joseph Cornell will be looked at.

Into the Wood  PM age 9 – 12

We love wood as a material.  This camp includes a variety of projects, including drawings on birch bark, balsawood carving and paintings done on wood, using the grain as a place to start. The woods are also a place many artists visit and our participants will visit our outdoor space as a place to do some of their creative work.  A simple woodblock print will also be one of the projects.  This block can be used over and over for future prints.

Week 8

From the Kitchen Drawer  AM age 5 – 7

Art projects can emerge from the everyday.  This week the instructors and campers will dig into the kitchen drawer and junk drawer and see what they can find. Campers will be introduced to artists and styles that use everyday objects in their work, such as Claus Oldenburg and pop artists. A surprising array of creative work can spring from the kitchen drawer. Forks make great patterns for print making.  A wooden spoon becomes a character to hang in your kitchen.  Expect other fun creative inventive art projects.

Let’s Draw  PM age 11 – 13

This camp is for youth who love to draw and will include time for individual skill development. New drawing tools will be introduced daily, including soft pencils, kneaded erasers, ink, quality markers, quill pens, graphite sticks and water colour pencils. There will be drawing games, outdoor sketching and manga.

Great camp for those young people who love to draw and want to improve their skills before school starts!  Learn techniques helpful for quick sketches, illustration, still life and comic drawing.  You will put mileage on your pencil and dry out your sharpie marker this week.