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The National Story Blanket

National Story Blanket Workshop

Canadian Roots presents the National Story Blanket on display at the Gallery January 25 – February 11. The National Story Blanket is a large quilt composed of individual quilts that are representations of reconciliation and decolonization in local communities across Canada.
On Thursday February 1st from 6 to 8 pm you are invited to join the Canadian Roots team leads from Thunder Bay to discuss the National Story Blanket and participate in a workshop focusing on Reconciliation.
Youth are also invited to participate in this workshop developed to utilize the National Story Blanket created last year by youth leaders.
No prior knowledge is required. The workshop is 60 – 90 minutes in length.
There are three parts in the workshop. The first part is called “mind”: participants are asked what they already know about reconciliation. The second part is called “spirit”: participants are asked how they feel about reconciliation. The third part is called “body”: participants make a list of practical actions that everyone can do in their everyday lives to work towards reconciliation.
For more information call 577-6427 and ask for Pam Cain our Public Programming Coordinator.